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About the Margibi Sugar Cane Project 

Margibi Country has a population of about 209,923. According to a report conducted by the World Bank, after about 10 years of democratic ruling under the leadership of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberia has made significant progress in maintaining peace and stability, revived state administration, improved governance, rebuilt some basic infrastructure, and made progress on key human development indicators. However, the country is still faced with vast challenges.

Access to public electricity services is about 1.7 percent, and only 1 percent has access to potable water. Ninety five percent of the nation’s primary, secondary, and feeder roads remain unpaved. With the help of The World Bank and other counties, the Liberian government has implemented a strategic plan to address these challenges and build a middle-income nation by 2030. Central to the delivery of such a plan, would be the creation of sustainable jobs and improved services in transportation, energy, water and sanitation, health, and education.

Mackeline & Company LLC in Maysville, Kentucky intends to assist Liberia with its goal to build a middle-income nation. Our objective is to create a manufacturing plant that produce sugar, ethanol, and alternative sources of electricity to local residents, and influence the creation of other businesses. 

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